The Concept

Live your Passion without any of the ownership constraints 

Ferrari, Maserati, Aston Martin, Bentley ...

  • A Club made for beautiful Cars lovers ...
    who are also sensitive to economical arguments 

    The Toys Club allows its members to use in total freedom the most beautiful and recent sports and GT cars.

    The principle is quite simple. In exchange of a yearly Membership, each member is allocated a number of points and kilometers he can use at his convenience all through the year depending on the car category and the day of the week. 

  • You are behind the wheel, we carry the disagreements.

    From now on no need to possess the car to live out your passion. Being a Toys Club Member, you pass by any problems incumbent to buying one of those super cars: depreciation, maintenance, parking, insurance, licensing, carbon tax, financial interest …. You also go through a huge waste of time and energy servicing, cleaning and trying to sell your car.

    Those who already had the experience of buying and re-selling that kind of cars know exactly what it takes. Especially when you see the value of your car dwindles away even though you don’t use it as much as you would like (the European average use for that type of cars is barely 30 days per year).

  • Who are the Toys Club Members ?

    Our Members are beautiful sports cars passionate who want to drive and taste the best the market can offer.  Some of them where such cars owners but want to get rid of the hassles attached to ownership from now on. Not only do they share that passion for exceptional cars, but as they are also expecting exceptional service, we are offering them the opportunity to drive on race tracks, to network through diners, cocktails or cars factories visits.  This is why we emphasize on trying to offer 100% availability for the booking process.

    Toys Club is only about the joy of driving!

Pleasure and Passion Only