Are we allowed to use the Club cars on a race track ?

No, for security and insurance reasons, Members will not be able to use the Club Cars on a race track, a closed road or a timed distance.

On the other hand, Members will have the opportunity to get a real driving experience on a track with both or Track option and /or our Toys Club Racing Membership.

What is the legal age to become a Toys Club Member ?

Ideally 30, but each applicant is thoughrolly check individually. An insurance history will be asked and in some cases (instances) a special training will be required.

In all cases, when doing a pick up every Member will (be given) do a complete check and handling by a club staff member.

When do my Membership ends ?

The end of your membership arises to the first one of the following three terms: The end of the year (12 months as from the first reservation) - The use of all your points - the use of all your kilometers. The Members have the possibility to acquire (to buy back) lots of points until the anniversary date of their contribution. They are obviously welcome to renew their membership at any time of the year.

How do we book a car ?

There are three manners to make a reservation: by telephone, by e-mail or by Internet on the site dedicated to the Members. The reservations can be made until 2 months in advance but every Member has the possibility of making 3 reservations up to 1 year in advance.

What are the conditions to become a Member ?

To become Member of the Toys Club, we invite you to come and meet us so that we can determine if our offer corresponds to your expectations and if your profile corresponds to that of our Members, this with the aim of preserving a strong Club Spirit. We shall ask you then for a driving license of current validity, which is with a positive balance of points, an insurance history bonus / surcharge, a proof of address, a copy of your ID card and our form completed. The membership becomes effective once the Gentleman Agreement is signed and the contribution settled.

What are the schedules to pick up cars ?

The Club cars can be taken as off noon and must be brought back before 10 am in the morning on the day of return.

Is There a delivery service ?

Yes, the Club proposes a “valet» service which allows you to pick up and return your car where you wish it (office, Home, airport).

Can another person driove my car ?

The Cars of the Club are insured in a individual way, it is not thus possible to entrust the driving to a another person.

Can I go abroad with one of the Club cars ?

It raises no problem, but the Club must be informed about it before your departure.

What will happen if I'm ... ?

The Club charges the Member ...

Are there any additional expenses once the contribution is settled ?

The only expenses not included in the contribution are: the delivery and the return of cars with the valet service, the fines, the gasoline and the loss / damage caused to the car up to the franchise amount.

Are the Members encouraged to introduce new Members ?

The Member who sponsors a new Member will be offered a weekend in category 2.

What are the conditions for Members leaving abroad ?

The conditions are exactly the same that for the other Members. On the other hand, their membership is valid 2 years.

What is covered by the cars insurance ?

It covers the damage and the accidents when a third party is identified and when a report is filled. Should the opposite occur, the Member will be held for responsible and the insurance  company will take nothing in charge.

What is the amount of the franchise ?

Considering the exceptional character of our cars, the franchise amounts to 10 000€.