Foreign Resident Memberships

- For you who live abroad, even on the other side of the world and come back occasionally in France / seldom come back to France.

- For you who wish to enjoy the car of your dreams without having to bear the costs and hazards of ownership (depreciation, capital commitment, insurance, restarting, parking ...).

The Toys Club is the solution that allows you to realize your dream... 


For the past seven years we have offered our Members different formulas allowing them to use prestige vehicles that meet their desires and offering a maximum of flexibility. 

A special offer was created for those beautiful cars amateurs residing abroad enabling them to use the Club cars during their stay in France and Spain.


Memberships :

  • Discovery : 11 000 € inc.VAT
    for 450 points and 2 700 km - 18 months.
  • Classic : 17 000 € inc.VAT
    for 800 points and  4 800 km - 18 months.
  • Monthly* : 18 000€ inc.VAT
    for 800 points and 4 800 km - 18 months.
    * This Membership offers the possibility of a spread of 18 months with a first settlement of € 4,400 and 17 monthly installments of € 800 

Opportunity to share your membership with another amateur residing abroad like you.

  1. There is no obligation to renew.
  2. Memberships fall due in the first 3 terms which are 18 months, points or kilometers.
  3. Memberships only begin when the member makes his first booking and no later than three months after signing in.
  4. Members have the opportunity to buy additional points and/or kilometers throughout the 18 months up to the anniversary date of their Membership.
  5. There is a «joining fee» of € 1,000 inc.VAT to set only once at the first signing.


Your subscription to the Club will allow you to enjoy the most beautiful cars as soon as you get off the plane or in the place of your choice, a Valet Service is available to deliver and collect cars at your convenience.

This 18 month formula will allow you to try all the models you dream of driving from Paris, Lyon, Cannes, Barcelona and Madrid.