Car Reservations :

  • By phone directly with the Club
  • By mail
  • By internet, through your personal "Member Access".


Car Pick Up :

Two solutions are proposed to the Members :

  • You come for yourself and pick up the car at the Club.
  • You use our “valet service” and get the car delivered wherever you like (Office, House, Airport,…)

Returning the Car :

Returning the car as for the pickup can be done either at the Club or wherever suits you.

Pick up and returning a car should be done within the following hours :

  • Weekdays, from monday noon to Friday 10 am.
  • Weekend, from friday noon to monday 10 am. 

As Member of the Club you will sign a Pick Up document detailing the car state on departure and a returning document detailing the car state on return. By doing so the Member accepts the fact that any information on these documents represents the true state of the car, including any problems.


Enjoy a taste of  Luxury in all Freedom