Smart Cost

You are the owner of a sports car, a GT, or a supercar and think it could enter one of the Toys Club’s five categories. You don’t get to use your car as much as you would like, and whenever you can it seems to be the time for a checkup, a cleaning, and finally your car ends up spending most of the time locked up in your garage. After a few years of this you are even thinking of selling your car,

even though reluctantly…

The smart cost formula could accomodate you. Why not integrate your car within the Toys Club ?



The principle is quite simple. In exchange for your car, we will take care of the parking, the yearly maintenance, the insurance, the cleaning, etc … and will retribute you according to the kilometers we do with your car in the Club. This retribution can be done either in Points usable in the Toys Club or in “money”, and is calculated according to your car value and maintenance.

The Smart Cost Formula therefore allows you to use your car while weakening part of its cost and / or using other cars from the Club.



  100 000 € 150 000 € 200 000 € 250 000 €
points / 1 000 KM 59 points + 413 km 88 points + 616 km 118 points + 826 km 147 points + 1029 km
€ / KM 1 1,5 2 2,5

 Smart Cost  example :

You give your 200.000€ Bentley Continental GT to the Toys Club. Your car is parked, cleaned, guarded, maintenance is done … all by the Toys Club (it is therefore always ready and available for your use). According to its value we will retribute you 2€ for each kilometer Members will do with your car if you choose the “money” retribution, if you choose the points it will give you 118 points per 1000km usable on any other cars in the Club (including a 15% bonus).




1 Maintenance: Cost of maintenance is shared on a usage basis between the owner and the Club (in km). The Club will take care of any maintenance, change, reparations and will always try and find the best deals for these. 

2 Insurance: The Club will take care of the Club Members insurance for your car. It will in fact be added to yours. 

3  If you decide that the exchange should be done in points that you can use with any other cars within the Club, therefore we will add a 15% bonus compared to a monetary retribution.

4 The retribution is calculated according to your car value as well as its maintenance costs. This “payment” is done every trimester.

5 The value of your car is estimated the day we draw the smart cost contract.

6 As the owner you guaranty the Toys Club a minimum of 15 days per month usage of your car. Both parties can end up the contract at any time with a 45 days delay. The owner will have an open access to the reservation system so he can “reserve “ his own car or any other cars.